I want to thank all of you who have sent
                                    the beautiful flowers for my garden!


                                   Here is a special gift for you to take back to your garden! :)

                                        Look what Beehonee sent to watch over my garden!!!

                                         Thank you, Beehonee!

                                             Sharon, thank you for this guardian angel!

                                            Thank you, Sharon!

                               "Tuddles" has come by from RAOK Pest Control
                                to make sure all pests stay away from the flower bed!
                                 Don't get caught picking the flowers!

                                      Thank you, Lisa J!

                                      I received these flowers from RAOK
                                     and Mellocup9 for my 18th wedding anniversary!
                    Thank you!!!

                                            Thank you, RAOK!  Thank you, Mellowcup9!

                                              Visit my friend, Angel Bug!


                                       Thank you, Pine and Donna for these special gifts!

The first spirit flower I ever
received came from dear Angel Bug!

Another one...thank you, Angel Bug!

Thank you, Penny!

Thank you, Chilady!

Another one from Chilady! :)

Thank you, Hugs!

Thank you, Janie!

Thank you, RiRi!

That's two from Hugs! :)

Thank you, Jenny!

Thank you, ~Sandee~!

~Sandee~, thanks for these too! :)

Thank you, Rusty!

Thank you, Reba!

Thank you, Tiger!

Thank you, Kare!

Thank you, Maggie!

Thank you, Jenny!

Thank you, Beehonee!

Thank you, Mellocup9!

Thank you, Nennie!

Thank you, Gramma Nancy!

Thank you, Dinogirl!

Thank you, Laura!

Thank you, Beehonee!

Thank you, Mispeck!

Thank you, Dove!

Thank you, Monday Rose!
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